GS Seminars clear muddied waters

GS Seminars to clear the waters muddied by changes to Frence Tax Law

2014 was a confusing time for expatriates and Frontaliers living in France. Changes in taxation laws have dealt a heavy blow to many of the wealthier residents of France, and it has been difficult on the expat community who may live within but have assets sitting outside of France. At Guardian GS we value the importance of understanding where you live; the laws, legislations and the constant changes mean changes for you and potentially your financial stability. Our European head office is based in Geneva, we have a firm understanding of the changes made by President Hollande and the impact that they will have on Fontaliers and expats living in France. Our senior advisors felt that that seminars were a great vehicle to talk to anyone concerned about the changes to the tax laws and the subsequent effect they would have on them.

Majbritt Byskov-Bridges and Carla Smart introduced guest speakers and welcomed anyone living in France, expat or national to join our free seminars designed to answer some key questions. The seminar covered topical issues including; the pitfalls of living in France during these times of change and tax efficient investment solutions for French residents. We also discussed methods of maximising investment returns, while minimising tax along with the importance of a well-managed and diversified portfolio.

The seminars proved to be a great success, guests were welcomes to stay after and ask our advisors and guest speakers any questions they were left with. The Geneva team plan to continue holding seminars and we will keep you updated so you can go along and pick the brain s of the professionals.