Why Inheritance Tax Still Applies To You And How To Protect Against It

10/10/18 09:48:am

UK Expats all over the world and beyond, wrongly believe that Inheritance Tax doesn't apply to them.

In reality, you could be living on the moon and if HMRC deems you to be UK domiciled, and your estate exceeds the nil rate IHT band, your loved ones will be left with an appointment with the taxman.

Avoid the costly mistakes thousands of others are making and ensure you are able to pass on as much to your children as possible

Since 2011, the amount of IHT collected by HMRC, and the number of people who become liable to pay this tax has increased every year. Yet many international workers are still failing to review their situation.

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Find Out

  • If your estate will exceed the Nil Rate IHT Band
  • The difference between Domiciled and Resident
  • How you can legally reduce your IHT liability
  • How and who you can gift your assets to free of tax
  • The importance of having a valid Will
  • How using a Trusts can help you avoid paying IHT on property

If you still hold ownership on any property within the UK you could find that your entire estate is liable for UK IHT.

A costly mistake

When you have worked hard all your life to create personal wealth or build assets, it's important to know that this will be appropriately distributed after you have gone.

Seeking Inheritance tax and estate planning advice now, will allow your family and loved ones to benefit from your hard work, without facing huge losses through inheritance tax later in their life.

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