Why expats find New Year's resolutions harder to keep

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Keeping a New Year's resolution can be incredibly hard, but breaking one can be so easy

Keeping a New Year's resolution is always hard - but for us and many UK expats we speak to it seems to be harder to keep them in our new lives away from home.

Most UK expats agree that two big factors are a lack of support and an unpredictable social calender.

Resolving to eat healthy is all well and good until you pass your favourite pàtisserie for the tenth time and without anyone there to stop you, quicker than you can say 'new year - new me' that slice of cake becomes a crumb on your plate!

A popular New Year’s resolution is to save money...

Social media is currently awash with images of half empty glass jars with the words “52 week challenge” plastered across them encouraging you to save either increasing or decreasing amounts each week throughout the year in a glass jar on the kitchen side.

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Instead of saving money in your kitchen, start your savings plan with Guardian.

Without having someone there to remind you to deposit some funds into your jar it won’t be long before you miss a week, or even worse dip into it replacing cash with an IOU? Also, how much interest does the Bank of Glass Jar pay? Making that positive change for 2018 is easier than you might think. Simply download our e-guide using the form on this page to get you started.

Make this the year you begin your own savings challenge and start to plan for your tomorrow, today.

Thanks to modern technology it is easier to get the support that you need to keep your New Year’s resolutions. By starting a savings plan with Guardian not only do you receive a great return on your investment but by using our award winning platform and portal technology you have around the clock access to your investments and support you’re your advisor.
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