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If you have been reading uncomfortable headlines both globally and from the UK about the pension crisis, then you have probably questioned the performance of your own retirement funds.

It is believed that one in six defined benefit schemes are at risk of failing and in recent months, firms such as Carillion, BHS and British Steel have entered liquidation with vast company pension fuelled black holes on their balance sheets. With pension transfer values at an all-time high, it’s easy to see why so many firms are telling you to cash in your defined benefit pension.

However, this is not always the best course of action.

At Guardian GS we know how unhelpful generic advice can be, especially when it comes to your plans for the future. That’s why, as part of our award-winning service we offer a comprehensive pension and retirement review. To start the process, simply download your free E-Book to read expert and qualified advice about what options are available to you.


Download your Free E-Book and get the facts behind the pension headlines:

  • The benefits of staying in your existing DB scheme
  • What a final salary transfer entails
  • The difference between an annuity and draw-down
  • Who is eligible to transfer
  • The recent changes to expat pensions
  • Why transfer values are so high
  • The difference between SIPPs and QROPS
  • What a 'pension wrapper' means
  • The costs if you did decide to transfer

Our team of researchers have already compiled thousands of extensive reports on behalf of our clients. With the findings of these reports we are able to make recommendations on the best course of action to ensure you maximise your returns.

You want a firm and an adviser with a proven track record.

You want an adviser who is qualified to give specialist advice.

Guardian GS part of the GWM Group is one of the few planning companies to have an in-house Investment Committee comprising both internal and external specialists. All overseen by our own in-house Chartered Financial Analyst. All UK pension advice is supported by G60 qualified, UK Chartered Financial Planners ensuring you have access to the very best possible advice on your UK pensions.

When a defined benefit pension scheme enters the Pension Protection Fund, around 90% of your entitlement is protected. Whilst the majority of your pension is saved, any flexibility to consider transferring away from your defined benefit pension is lost.

Whether you are considering transferring your pension or not, we would strongly advise you get your scheme valued now while your options are still healthy and before you become yet another headline.


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The Importance of obtaining professional advice

Such an important decision should never be taken without receiving sound advice that considers all options and eventualities.

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