The True Cost Of Educating Your Child In The UAE

08/27/19 12:24:pm

With the school holidays almost over, we take a look at why it’s important for expat families to plan ahead when it comes to education fees. On average parents in the UAE pay more than double the global average for education costs. And this can be multiplied further if you have more than one child.

You probably realised their university education will set you back a hefty amount, but have you considered the expense of sending them to an international school right from primary age up to University?

Their future is in your hands, which is why it is so important to plan ahead. From their first steps, right up to the time they are financially independent, you will never stop wanting the best for them. And you will need to plan for every step of their education now that you’re living in the UAE.

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Without forward planning, this valuable gift can be the cause of great stress and hardship.

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