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03/24/17 05:02:pm

Of all the funds in all the world, we just happen to have two in the top 5%*. Of course its no surprise to us and here's why:

While others desperately tried (and failed) to time the market, our fund managers confidently snapped up assets at a well below-value price. As the markets rebounded, just like they always have, we reaped the rewards generating returns of over 20%.


If you’re struggling to find earnings on your cash in this low-interest world we live in but are afraid of investing in the stock markets, this is the perfect solution for you.

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No risk? No problem!

Our iGuard Protected Growth fund is which safeguards 80% of all profit is the best performing protected fund (in its class) in the world. In fact, it has outperformed many funds offering zero protection by over 10%.

There is NO other fund in the world that provides such protection and is able to stand so tall.

What is iGuard?

iGuard is a total financial solution specifically designed to address the needs of international investors.

iGuard combines the expertise of three leading institutions: Guardian Global Solutions providing you with advice & financial planning; Smart Investment Management (SIM) with over 40 years’ experience in Discretionary Fund Management, and Praemium who provide the award winning technology.

Locked in 80% Protection

Discretionary service for a fraction of the cost

Historically Discretionary Management was provided by stockbrokers, private banks or fund managers on a bespoke basis where every portfolio was slightly different and tailored to individual needs. This service required large initial lump sums and were often very expensive; reserved more the elite investor

"With iGuard’s model portfolios, you receive the same level of bespoke service instead using technology to make changes to every model on behalf of every client with a simple click of a button. "

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