Review your existing private pension plans

02/28/19 07:24:am

You took the decision to move overseas to improve your life in the present. However, its vital that you are able to maintain this improved lifestyle throughout retirement.

In recent years, the UK Government has made more changes to the private pension system than a Premier League Chairman. Some good, some not so good. Find out how you can benefit from the changes.

By reviewing existing private pension & retirement plans, many UK expats find freedom from UK pension rules, and also;

  • Take a bigger tax free lump sum upon retirement
  • Consolidate their old UK pensions into one place
  • Draw income through retirement to suit their needs
  • Avoid pension tax allowance charges
  • Improve their tax efficiency
  • Pass more on to loved ones

At GWM we know that making a decision on which solutions is right for you can be daunting, which is why we have produced a handy guide to help you answer your questions.

Download your FREE Retirement Review E-guide now and find out:

  • Why you could still be deemed a UK domicile, even after living abroad for some years
  • What the LTA (Lifetime Allowance) is, and how you can protect against it
  • What is a self invested personal pension (sipp) plans
  • The tax increase on your UK property
  • What the QROPS bombshell means for you
  • The benefits of investing in a tax efficient ‘wrapper’

Get the facts from the experts, download your FREE Expat Retirement Review 2019 Update eGuide.

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