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01/11/18 12:24:pm

The freedoms introduced in 2015 brought a new level of flexibility to private pensions in the UK. As a result, now is a great time to review your existing Occupational Pension arrangements.

Research shows that taking regular advice from a professional financial adviser can result in a 53% increase in retirement income compared to those who sought no financial advice*

Undertaking a regular review of your finances will highlight any issues or shortfall, and we can work together to build a robust plan to address this.

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By speaking to a Chartered Financial Planner, you can obtain balanced advice on your existing pension provision and a full review of performance, fees and suitability.

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  • How much you will need in retirement, and when you can retire
  • If you are better off staying within the existing final salary scheme
  • How your dependents/spouse are covered when you pass away
  • What level of flexibility is available at the point of activating your income stream?
  • The options available for access, early retirement and growth of the underlying funds.

Let Guardian GS be your financial motorman

When was the last time you reviewed your final salary pension? Alternative options to a final salary pension are often not discussed with members and historically, the general opinion has been that it is advantageous to remain in a scheme. However, there are a number of factors which make transferring an option to consider.

Guardian GS offer a smooth expert assessment of your pension options with minimal investment downtime.



We have seen high Cash Equivalent Transfer Values (CETV's) being calculated across many final salary pension schemes.

Pension Freedoms

Changes announced in 2015 allowed greater access and flexibility regarding your pension assets upon reaching 55 when held in an alternative investment vehicle.

Greater Control

Moving to a personal pension arrangement provides a degree of control over the underlying assets with regards to investment decisions, time frames and access.

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The Importance of obtaining professional advice

Such an important decision should never be taken without receiving sound advice from a Chartered Financial Planner that considers all options and eventualities.

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