Kick Start Your Expat Savings

07/05/18 12:04:pm

We know that being part of an expat community, living and working side by side with people from all over the world is a great feeling. But when your team gets through to the last stages of the biggest competition in the world, your patriotism intensifies and you naturally start to think of friends and family back home. You may start to think about your adventure abroad and whether you have used your time wisely.

Is it time to kick start your offshore savings or improve the performance of your savings with an Expat Savings Plan?

The flexible solution for international expats looking to save £500+ a month or invest a one off lump sum.

Inside your FREE Expat saving E-Guide:

  • Save from 5 to 20 years
  • Choose the right plan for you
  • Safe and secure locations
  • Online valuations
  • Why saving sooner is always better
  • Be in touch with your savings wherever you are in the world
  • How to improve your tax efficiency
  • The best ways to kick start your savings

Saving is a great habit to get into.

And it's even more important when you're living and working abroad.

Aside from the lifestyle and experience, many expats work abroad because the salaries can be significantly higher and taxes potentially lower, so it’s a great opportunity to save while you’re away.

Why not set aside half time in the next game to improve the performance of your savings by downloading and reading our 15 minute FREE E-Guide "Expat Savings Plans Explained".

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Improve the performance of your savings with an Expat Savings Plan.

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