Key Points To Consider Ahead Of Your Departure From The Gulf Region

Swiss pension expat THUMB 01/19/18 12:24:pm


As the COVID-19 global pandemic continues to grip the world, the Gulf economy has been hit with a double blow with businesses making job cuts and oil prices crashing through the floor.

As a result, thousands of international workers are faced with an unexpected and unplanned quick return HOME. With that in mind, have you considered what happens to your savings and pensions when you leave? 

The tax implications back home, are far from straight forward and when the time comes to pack up your belongings to depart, the impact on your wealth is not to be underestimated.

However, with a little careful planning, you can ensure you are prepared for all eventualities and ensure you don’t lose any more of your hard-earned cash than you have to.

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  • Consequences of moving

  • Selling your property

  • Gratuities

  • Health and life insurance

  • Check your new tax status

  • Review your investments

Also discover how to build a portable, flexible investment portfolio
And why your Adviser should be as portable as you

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If you are an international worker living in the Middle East, you are most likely earning more as a result.


You could still be deemed a domicile; this may mean a Tax liability.
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Leaving the Gulf? - Discover the Key points to consider ahead of your departure.


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