GWM’s Expat World Cup 2018 - the finalists

06/08/18 06:04:am
Thinking about returning home?

The flags are hanging from windows, Three Lions can be heard playing all around the world and your usually unpatriotic friend has arrived at the office with their nation’s flag painted across their face. All this can mean only one thing, Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup is just around the corner.

With 32 nations descending on Russia later this month, we thought it timely to look at which locations would prevail in the Expat World Cup.

Looking at the cost of living, average salary and quality of life, we have come up with four expat locations that we think would reach the semi-finals.
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Whilst Switzerland is well known for being an expensive place to live, expats in cities such as Geneva are able to command annual salaries in excess of $200,000.

However, with income tax rates varying from canton to canton, international workers need to have a sound understanding of the complex Swiss tax system or risk being left feeling sick as a parrot.

Saudi Arabia

This year will see Saudi Arabia take part in their fifth World Cup, and while their footballing record leaves a lot to be desired, the Kingdom remains a favourite with expats due to a low cost of living and salaries for the most popular expat jobs exceeding the average in most neighbouring middle east jurisdictions.

With 95% of the country classified as either desert or semi-desert, there are literally acres of space in Saudi Arabia. That said, most international workers opt to live in expat compounds near to major cities such as Riyadh and Jeddah.


With its fine art and history, French and Dutch influences, and world-renowned beer, Brussels is the home to more culture than Lionel Messi’s left foot. A typical Chief Executive role in Belgium comes with an average salary of $125,000.

However, with income tax rates ranging from 25-50%, the birthplace of Tintin can be an expensive place to call home.


A veteran of the expat scene, Australia is a favourite with international workers due to its good weather, cheaper cost of living and its growing economy.

The quality of healthcare in Australia is very good resulting in one of the highest life expectancy's in the world. In order for expats to access this service though, they must take out private health insurance.

The winning team

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