Chinese New Year Of The Pig

02/04/19 02:52:pm

Today marks the beginning of the Chinese Year of the Pig which traditionally represents luck, overall good fortune, wealth, honesty and prosperity.

Many international workers embark on their expat journey to further their careers and help build a wealthy and prosperous future for themselves and their family. The significantly higher salaries and potentially lower taxes makes it the perfect time for expats to achieve this goal.

Investing your hard earned savings offshore makes it easier for you to manage your money as you move around the world whilst also allowing you to grow and protect your savings in safe and stable locations.

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Our guide will show you:

The best savings options for expats

Why saving sooner is always better

How to improve your tax efficiency

The best ways to turbo charge your savings

Investing in tax beneficial jurisdictions can allow you to keep more of your money. Our award winning advisers are on hand to discuss the best ways to protect your wealth regardless of your current location.

Peace of mind!

We use UK Crown Dependencies or territories with similar protection and the same transparent regulations.
This allows us to offer tax efficient investments and savings with high levels of investor protection which gives peace of mind to our clients.

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