Birthdays are good for your health but can you afford to keep enjoying them?

10/10/16 04:00:pm
Studies have shown that people who have more birthdays live longer.

Did you know that by 2030 the average person will live into their late 80s, and with improvements in medical care this will only increase further.

If people are living longer then naturally pension pots need to be bigger. As an expat it is likely that you will find it harder to qualify for a full UK state pension, if any at all, so it would be wise to start planning for your future right away.

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Will your current pension provision be enough?

Unless you have reviewed your retirement plans recently, there is a strong chance that you could end up with a retirement shortfall or working much longer than you had originally planned!

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When can I work because I want to, not need to?

What can I do to ensure that I never run out of money?

Is there anything available to me to reduce my tax liability?

The subject of retirement can be daunting to expats in a foreign land unsure where to turn for help and advice. GWM are Lifestyle Financial Planning experts who specialise in ensuring international workers make the most of their expat status.

Don't let living too long ruin your retirement!

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