Are you owed a tax refund from the UK?

05/22/19 06:04:am
UK Expat Tax Refund

When leaving the UK for a new life in the Middle East, the UK taxman is probably far from the top of your list of priorities. But, if you left part way through a tax year, you could be entitled to a refund.

We all have to pay tax, be it on our salaries or investment gains. The tax requirements for British expats abroad can be complicated. However, with a little bit of planning, you can check whether you are eligible for a tax rebate and check your tax liabilities in the UK.

Compiled by experts who specialise in helping international workers in the MENA region, your FREE UK Tax E-guide explains how to:

  • Check if you are eligible for a UK tax rebate
  • Ensure you aren't taxed twice on your UK income
  • Make use of all the tax allowances that come with your expat status
  • Plan for Capital Gains Tax
  • Improve your tax efficiency and make your hard earned money go that bit further
  • Understand your tax requirements to avoid penalties

Keep ahead of the game

Whether you think you are eligible for a rebate, worried what tax you might owe to HMRC, or just unsure what might happen when you leave the Middle East, it's vital that you seek the advice of an international financial planner.

With so many what if's, it's impossible to talk about individual circumstances. However, we can tell you this; you will pay more tax if you don’t speak to a financial planner than if you do. In fact, if you speak to a GWM adviser now, you will not pay any tax that you don’t need to.

Understand how to make the most of your current expat status with advice from the award winning, UK qualified financial experts

Download your FREE e-guide that answers the most sought after questions expatriates have when living in the region:

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Are you owed a Tax Refund? Download your FREE e-guide and find out!

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