Sick to the back teeth?

For many expats, financial planning can be complicated enough without having to worry about unregulated advisers talking twaddle.

You have worked hard to build your retirement fund. If you are placing your future in the hands of someone else, its essential you pick one who doesn't just talk a good game.

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  • What happens if you return to the UK with a QROPS- are your investments UK compliant?
  • The charges associated with your plan
  • The cost of the underlying investments
  • What a PCLS is and how it is calculated
  • If you hold structured products and what they mean
  • How the recent expat pension tax affects you

Why expats in the UAE choose GWM

You want a firm and an adviser with a proven track record.

With over 20 years history, GWM has offices in many of the world’s financial centres including; Geneva, Miami, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and London. GWM are regulated in each of the jurisdictions in which they are established meaning that you have peace of mind and continued service if and when you choose to move..

You want an adviser who is qualified to give specialist advice.

GWM is one of the few planning companies to have an in-house Investment Committee comprising both internal and external specialists. All overseen by our own in-house Chief Investment Officer. All UK pension advice is supported by AF3 qualified, UK trained Financial Planners ensuring you have access to the very best possible advice on your UK pensions.

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All GWM Advisers possess a broad depth of knowledge in financial planning, investments and pensions as a minimum., and are on hand to handle your queries every day of the year. Request your free consultation now

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The Importance of obtaining professional advice

Such an important decision should never be taken without receiving sound advice that considers all options and eventualities.

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